tag heuer watch repair moving online


The world of Horology is shifting, making it a perfect time for watch repair companies to jump online. Since the first wristwatch was made in 1868, for Countess Koscowicz of Hungary, by Swiss watch manufacturer Patek Philippe, hundreds, maybe even thousands of watch brands have sprung up.
The introduction of smart watches will never deter a true watch lover from traditional watch design.

To this day fashionable men and women enjoy buying and wearing luxury timepieces that they can cherish for years to come.

TAG Heuer watch repair brand, Repairs By Post, know exactly how to look after expensive watches. Experts in jewellery repair and watch servicing, they fix everything from diamond rings to Rolexes. They no longer have a shop as everything they do can be done online. Find out more about how they complete TAG Heuer watch repairs below.

Online Watch Repair Company

Repairs By Post are one of the only online watch repair companies in the UK. They have completed a number of high end watch repairs including Rolex and TAG Heuer repair. A fine time piece can be passed down generation by generation, Repairs By Post may be a modern business, however, they understand the importance of watch servicing and repair when it comes to looking after delicate family heirlooms.
Watch & Tag Heuer Repair

Long gone are the days where you would you head to the high street to find somewhere that could complete a TAG watch repair properly. Simply type “TAG Heuer watch repair” into Google and you will find Repairs By Post at the top of the list.

Jonathan Goldstone, owns Repairs By Post. He is an expert in horology and he wanted to make watch repair easier for those who own luxury watches. Jonathan previously ran his watch repair business from two physical stores, but things have only gotten better since he has decided to move his business online. People from across the UK can find his watch repair service and many value the experience Jonathan has over high street jewellers that may not have handled that type of model before.


Tag Heuer Watch Repairs Made Easy

The business is also a hit with professionals as they love the flexibility of an online watch repair company. The popularity of the service means that the business plans to increase the website’s digital footprint to secure new business across Europe, Australia, the US and China.
You may be wondering how it works? The process is made easy below:

• Get in touch with Repairs By Post over live chat and tell their experts about your watch
• Send them your item using a secure package
• They will examine the watch and fix it
• They will return the item to you!
• All work fully guaranteed & insured

If you are not convinced, the facts are in the figures. This may be a new method of watch repair, however, it seems to be working. Over 10,000 people have registered as customers 85% having their watches or jewellery repaired by post.


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