What you should have in mind at all times as a creative arts graduate


You are now a graduate from an art school and ready to venture into the world to look for a living. It is time to put into practice what you learned at school. This being the case, the following are some of the things that you need to have in consideration.

The going may be tough but you need to be tougher

People tend to think that being a creative designer means that your work is simple. The truth of the matter is that that is a lie. Since there are many creative designers, getting a job is difficult. Many of them are forced to do it the hard way by freelancing. Apart from that, it is hell of a time to properly manage your time and pay taxes. But if you have chosen to do creative arts, then be ready to face challenges. Good news is that the world always needs creative designers to offer it new perspectives and fill it with innovative stuff.

Never waste time thinking of what you are

Yes, you know deep inside you that you are an artist, so what is the importance of worrying when it comes to defining yourself? Actually, your thoughts should be dedicated to performing a good job and coming up with appetizing projects. One thing for sure is that being an artist, you are entitled to invent and try new things without limiting yourself to what you only did or graduated from.


Work is only part of your success

As a matter of fact, when you perform a good job is when many clients will approach you. But also remember that coping well with people like workmates is very important. The best thing to do is to have a broad smile on your face and be happy while working or dealing with clients. This will create confidence between you and other people.


Maximise and broaden your network

Never stick to the fact that you are only dedicated to your work. Be social and make friends. As a matter of fact, your fellow classmates who you studied with are now professional like you. By mingling with them you will get to know one or two things which might be very useful in your career. Friends are for life and not for a moment. In real life, you will never survive and learn every trick while alone. Someone will always be useful in learning the shortcuts and marketing skills.



Never get stressed up when you have not attained what you intended

As the saying goes, “no one is perfect” this also applies to your profession as an artist. Being a graduate from art school does not mean that all you do should come out as expected. Sometimes errors do happen and you should accept and learn from them so that there will be no more mistakes of the same caliber. Things happen for a reason. Never start lamenting that why you studied arts. Life itself is a school that we have not yet graduated, as we keep learning new things each and every day, either digitally or manually.



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