Having relatives living in different countries can be troublesome when it comes to birthdays and Christmas. How can you safely send gifts without contents becoming damaged? Big Brown Box is a UK based company which does exactly as it says on the box. This company sells durable cardboard postage boxes in every size and for every purpose imaginable. You can also purchase other packaging items such as bubble wrap and tape.

Why Choose Big Brown Box?

At Big Brown Box they offer advice regarding how to pack efficiently and tips on moving house. Certainly if you are thinking of sending presents overseas or at least the other end of the country you should seriously consider seeking help from professionals. Big Brown Box are certainly professional. They are also a great source for cardboard postage boxes.

Why You Need Cardboard Postage Boxes

Cardboard postage boxes in particular must fit a specific criteria. They must be strong enough to protect the contents yet light enough to avoid high postage costs. Big Brown Box have come up with the perfect formula for cardboard postage boxes. Created from single walled corrugate, the cardboard postage boxes from Big Brown Box can protect your possessions from any knocks and scrapes suffered in transit.

Cardboard Postage Boxes for Christmas Presents

Regardless the item you are posting, Big Brown Box have the ideal cardboard postage boxes for the job. Each size comes in packs of five or ten. They also arrive flat packed therefore you can store any spares quite easily. The medium packing boxes are a fantastic solution for Christmas gifts as there is plenty of space to include multiple presents, gift wrapped, bubble wrapped and packed precisely to avoid rattling around in transit. Christmas is just around the corner so if you do have family living abroad then now is the time to start shopping. You can get your cardboard postage boxes delivered the next day as long as you order before 3pm.

Cardboard Postage Boxes for Artwork and Other Expensive Items

For special items like art work there is even the picture packing box. This is a special type of cardboard postage box designed specifically for mirrors or paintings and artwork. This comes in one size however taking into consideration packaging such as bubble wrap will fill out the box substantially.

Cardboard postage Boxes for Business

Cardboard postage boxes can be used for something much more profitable. Thanks to the internet there are many people who sell things online. Whether you have your own online store or reselling via eBay and Depop, cardboard posting boxes could come in handy for larger or multiple orders. Since online selling has become a ubiquitous money making exercise there is higher expectations for professional presentation. Using a durable cardboard postage boxe to package your stock will present you as a more professional seller. This in turn will make your online store seem more reliable.