skin clinics in glasgow

There are a multitude of skin clinics in Glasgow that you can go to for acne treatment. Here are some of the causes of acne.

skin clinics in glasgow

Causes of Acne


One of the primary causes of acne has to do with genetics. If your mum and/or dad had moderate to severe acne growing up, then chances are you will too. As a teenager, the skin cells that line the inside of the hair follicles begin to shed heavily and the skin begins to produce far more oil. This can cause the pores and hair follicles to become clogged with dead skin, leading to acne. If the problem is severe, a dermatologist can give you treatment that will hopefully be successful.


There is medication to help treat acne, but certain types of medication could be causing the problem. This is a much rarer cause then genetics. Medication that has been shown to cause acne include;

  • Anabolic steroids and corticosteroids
  • Some anticonvulsants
  • Lithium
  • Isoniazid
  • Rifampin
  • Immunosuppressant’s
  • Drugs containing iodine

If you are currently taking any medication that you think may be causing acne, do not stop taking it! Instead, consult with your doctor and see if you can change your medication or if they can suggest an appropriate acne treatment.

Oily Skin

Although acne isn’t actually caused by oily skin (contrary to popular belief), oily skin and acne are both caused by the same problem. When the skin produces excess amounts of oil from the sebaceous glands, this then clogs up the pores with dead skin and oil which is one of the root causes on acne. Good skin care habits can help control acne and maintain skin health. But be aware, excessive washing and harsh products can irritate the skin which could possibly cause an acne scar problem or could even end up making the acne worse.

What You Eat

Many people believe that eating certain foods cause acne or make them worse, but the reality is that your diet has very little influence on acne. Eating a balanced diet can improve overall health and may make your skin not as dull.

Some foods may aggravate your acne, such as; dairy, junk food etc. so avoiding foods that you notice worsen your acne could help manage and lessen the severity of an acne breakout. But remember that changing what you eat is not an effective way to treat acne.


There is some evidence to suggest that stress may make acne worse, but this is not the primary cause. In some but not all cases, a bad acne flare-up is the reason for the stress, not the result of it. Stress management can improve overall physical and mental health, as well as helping to keep your acne at bay.

Hormonal Changes

Another common cause for an acne break out is hormonal changes. As the hormones change during adolescence this can cause acne to become worse. An example of this is that some women have increased breakouts at certain points in their menstrual cycle, as well as during pregnancy.

How to Decide Between Skin Clinics in Glasgow

There are many skin clinics in Glasgow. Many offer similar treatments, but the important things to look for include;

  • Cleanliness
  • Experience
  • Qualifications
  • Reviews
  • Before and after photos of treatment and procedures