Nitrogen generators supply high-purity nitrogen on demand and are safer than relying on bottled gas. These machines also eliminate the logistics issues and associated costs that come with trucking compressed gas cylinders between industrial locations.

With onsite nitrogen generators, you don’t need to worry about ordering liquid nitrogen deliveries and the associated high prices or long contracts. CompAir systems begin with air compressors and filtration including dryers & coalescing filters to clean the compressed air.


Nitrogen generators offer a more cost-effective solution for nitrogen gas than traditional cylinders. Onsite nitrogen generation eliminates the costs of recurring deliveries, hazmat fees, equipment rental and tank disposal. Additionally, the system is more energy efficient than trucking compressed cylinders from a vendor’s warehouse.

In laboratories, nitrogen generators are used to supply Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS) instruments with pure instrument gas. This technique separates and identifies chemical compounds in samples, heightening the instrument’s sensitivity and accuracy.


Nitrogen generators deliver a consistent flow of pure nitrogen, eliminating the need to fill or change cylinders. This allows you to focus on your work, instead of waiting for the next delivery.

On-site generators eliminate the cost and hassle of trucking compressed nitrogen gas cylinders from vendors’ sites, which may require you to purchase large storage facilities on your site. This also eliminates the risk of product loss during transit and the requirement to adhere to storage standards.

Simple To Operate

Nitrogen generators eliminate the hassle of cylinder management, cut long term operating costs and place control of your nitrogen supply in your hands. Nitrogen generation systems can be installed in a range of facilities including laboratories, desiccator cabinets and glove boxes.

Onsite generators provide a steady supply of nitrogen to your laboratory and take up less floor space than cylinders. One generator is also easier for staff to use than a set of cylinders and requires far less maintenance.

Easy To Maintain

Nitrogen generators are a great alternative to liquid nitrogen delivery and high-pressure compressed gas cylinders. Onsite nitrogen generation equipment uses regular compressed air to supply a continuous stream of high-purity nitrogen and can expand in line with business needs. This type of system is a smart and future proof investment!

Nitrogen generation systems, including PSA (pressure swing adsorption) nitrogen generators are simple to maintain. Filter elements typically need to be changed on a routine basis, as well as the oxygen analyzer. Regular maintenance checks also help to prevent the failure of components that could lead to downtime and expensive facility closures.