What Actually Is Property Investment?

Property investment involves purchasing properties with the aim of enhancing them to add value, and then selling them or renting them out in order to gain a profit in return.

This process can include a one-time purchase of a property or investing in multiple to create a business. With the right strategy, knowledge and enthusiasm, property investment can result in huge financial gain and become extremely successful. However, this can be a difficult and lengthy process to get right, which is why turning to a property investment company can be greatly beneficial.

What Does a Property Investment company Do?

These companies simply buy properties to make a profit in return. You can then invest in the companies to make your investment journey a little easier and faster. They will guide you through purchasing processes, seek out solicitors and can either help you find a management company or do it for you; depending on what they offer.

There are some fantastic property investment companies in Glasgow, which will offer you the help and advice you need to kickstart the investment journey for financial gain.

What Are Some Benefits of Using a Property Investment Company?

  • They use their own knowledge and experience if you lack this
  • They may project manage refurbishments
  • They can recommend strategies for investment
  • They will manage your property for you, dealing with paperwork like missed rent
  • They know where the best location opportunities lie to make profit from

As well as these fantastic advantages to make the property investment process more smooth sailing, using a company can also guarantee you monthly income. Usually, these companies will have some sort of guaranteed profit agreement to ensure you are profiting every month from the properties.

To take on all of these avenues solely, it can be extremely time-consuming and nearly unrealistic to manage on your own. Having people to take care of the tedious tasks for you, can make the process more enthusiastic and motivating to make more money.

What Is the Typical Cost for This Service?

You will pay a monthly fee to the Property investment company. As an estimated amount, you could typically be paying a percentage of 15-20% of the profit monthly. However, annual returns are often 20% of the value of the property, therefore profits are not short.

You will also typically be given a quote from a company before you enter any business deals/contracts. This is a great way of receiving an estimated price and weighing up the benefits you receive with this.


As we now know that property investment alone can be extremely time consuming and difficult to succeed, it is important to think about using a property investment company to take care of this for you. With numerous advantages and taking away stresses that you do not have to deal with on your own, these services can be the key to a success in investment. It also takes years of experience and knowledge to enter an industry like this which not everyone has behind them or has the time for. Prioritise what you aim to achieve in property investment, find a company that suits your vision and begin your journey to profitable success.