Practicing ergonomics in the workplace will help your employees remain healthy and productive. It can help reduce the likelihood of workers developing repetitive stress disorders and musculoskeletal problems. In addition to reducing these risks, ergonomics can also decrease your company’s overall costs.


While many office owners focus on the aesthetics of their office spaces, they often overlook the most important aspect of a workspace: lighting. The amount of daylight available can affect employee moods and motivation. There are numerous benefits to a more natural lighting design, including improved sleep, increased concentration, and a boost in productivity

Air Quality

A study found that employees’ performance improved by up to 8% when the air quality was improved. By investing in fresh air, an organisation can increase employee productivity by $6500 annually, which translates to a significant return on investment. Fresh air reduces stress and gives workers renewed energy, resulting in a calmer state of mind. It’s important to consider the health benefits of office air quality, which will affect not only individual workers, but the entire building as a whole.


In order to determine whether the office space has been successful, the owner should consider conducting a post-occupancy evaluation. The evaluation should be similar to that conducted in the front-end project. It should identify the areas that need improvement or specific adjustments. The post-occupancy evaluation will be helpful in reinforcing any changes made to the office space. In addition to evaluating the office space’s effectiveness, it can provide insight on any organisational changes made to make the space more efficient and comfortable.


Cleanliness is very important in the workplace. It helps make the office appear more professional and is also beneficial for productivity. If the office is dirty, employees tend to become sick, which means reduced productivity. Furthermore, unclean office space also leads to dust, bacteria, and bumps. Cleaning is the best way to prevent these problems and improve the office’s overall aesthetic appeal.