How Can Facebook Boost Your Business?

Around 2.91 billion people are active users on Facebook. This social media platform offers you the opportunity to reach thousands of people to widen your audiences. It is important to know what Facebook has to offer your business through its engagement, reviews, and analytical tools.



You can take full advantage of your Facebook page by consistently giving your audience the opportunity to engage with your posts. For engaging with your audience, it is believed that you should follow the ‘80/20’ rule. This means that 80% of your posts should be content that your audience will like and engage with, and 20% of your posts should be business content such as marketing.

For the engagement content, this could be encouraging your followers to share their own pictures in the comments of the post, relating to the subject. For example, if your business is involved with animals, you could ask people to comment a picture of their pet.



You can encourage your audience to leave your business reviews. You could upload a post letting customers know that they are able to leave reviews on your page. Then, you can add your favourite reviews to your website.

Reviews let new, potential customers see how you have satisfied previous customers with your expertise. It can give new customers the nudge to get in contact with your business or use your products/services



Facebook lets you track your analytical information. This provides you with breakdowns of your audience so that you can gain a deeper understanding of the users visiting and engaging with your Facebook content. Here is the information it will provide you with about your audience:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • What device they use
  • Actions they took on your website
  • What post that they engaged with to get to your website