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When creating an ecommerce email marketing campaign, it is essential to include visuals of products, because a text-only email won’t have the same impact as a graphical email. Besides bringing context, images can also increase your open rate. Keep in mind that different elements in an email have different effects on your subscribers. Simple changes to your email subject line, for instance, can boost your open rate.

Best practices for creating an ecommerce email marketing campaign

The ecommerce email marketing campaign can be a tricky undertaking, but there are some best practices you can use to ensure that your emails get results. These best practices include personalizing your emails, going beyond basic demographic data to include information such as preferences, past purchases and more. For example, if you sell clothing, you should personalize your emails based on a customer’s past purchases. Likewise, you should personalize welcome emails based on a customer’s purchase history, to increase conversion rates.

When choosing an email marketing service, ensure that it provides automation. Many email marketing programs are built on marketing automation, allowing marketers to automate workflows and segment their audiences on the fly. Automation also makes it easier to scale ecommerce websites and send emails to thousands of customers. Most eCommerce email marketing best practices require this automation. Once you’ve made your decision, you’ll be well on your way to success!

Metrics to track

There are several important metrics that you should track in an ecommerce email marketing campaign. While it is not necessary to measure every single metric, knowing which ones are important is crucial. Email deliverability is an important metric to measure as it measures how many emails reach their target audience’s inbox. Only emails that reach the inbox have a better chance of being opened and read. Unfortunately, only 13% of permission-based emails are delivered to inboxes in the U.S. According to MarketingLand, the rate is much higher in Germany and Australia. The U.S. average is 87%.

Open rate is another important metric to measure, but it does not show how effective a campaign is. This metric is important because it shows how many people actually open your email, which increases the chance that a customer will buy from you. Open rates, however, are short-term metrics. To increase open rates, test different subject lines and email campaigns. You can also see which subjects and subject lines get the most open rates.

Examples of successful campaigns

While email has become a ubiquitous medium, it still requires a little bit of creativity to get your customers to open your emails and click on offers. Take a look at each email to learn how to make yours more effective! For example, welcome emails have been proven to drive 320% more revenue, yet only 58% of businesses send them.

Another effective way to use email is to notify your subscribers of sales. Email subscribers often subscribe to receive promotional updates and notifications about sales. An example of this would be an email from a furniture store that showcases some of its most popular products at a 30% discount. In addition to the discount, the high-quality imagery and text make it easy to convince customers to purchase an item. In addition, if the offer is valid, you can also use coupon codes.