Within the jobs world currently there are large number of openings for web developers , programmers , coders and many other types of web developers. In addition to this basic computer skills are increasingly becoming a requirement even for some of the most basic of roles. This  is because a lot of tasks can be completed on a computer which can be more efficient and accurate than a worker overall.

What Basic Computer Skills Are Desirable?

Outside of professional computer skills such as programming and coding there are a range of basic computer skills which could be deemed as desirable. One of the most common and fundamental is  the use of excel spreadsheets. Often organisations may prefer their candidates to have a decent understanding of Microsoft excel so that they complete their tasks more efficiently. Another IT skill which is commonly associated with this one is Microsoft word. Microsoft word is one of the most widely used applications and is normally used to type up reports or documents.

Why Are Computer Skills Important In The Jobs World?

There are a range of different reasons as to why computer skills are important in the jobs world overall. One of the main reasons they are so important is that the majority of applications and recruitment is done online due to changes in technology and overall company practice. This means that when you are applying to new jobs and positions the majority of them will be found online rather than in-person.

In order to ensure that you can gain interview for positions that you apply to it is important that you regularly update your CV to ensure that it showcases your best skills overall as well as any relevant work experience. Having a well presented CV can indicate good organisation , motivation and  overall positive work traits.

What Has Led To Computers Being Used So Much In Society?

Overall there has been a wide range of factors that have all contributed to the widespread use of computers. One of the main reasons why computers are so commonly used in recruitment is the flexibility overall. Computers enable staff to perform in their role. Computers have been gradually adopted by many firms overtime as they saw considerable growth.

Computers have a range of different properties that give them an edge over a regular worker.  One of these is multitasking. A computer can perform multiple functions such as calculations and spreadsheets and other functions over different timescales.

What Effect Have computers had on society overall

There has been a range of effects that computers have had.  In terms of recruitment there has been more of a void created between the candidate applying to a role and the employer advertising. This has overall been a negative as at many candidates are likely to receive an email response rather than any personal contact from a recruiter. This can leave applicants feeling demoralised if they consistently are receiving jobs rejections.

Overall to conclude it is clear that technology has had a mixture of benefits as well as disadvantages overall that have changed the whole recruitment process  overall.