best online contacts for heat pumps in scotland

Hiring a tradesman has never been easier thanks to our dear friend Google. Search engines speed up the process and we can now find the bets handymen in Scotland at the click of a button. We have found a number of recommended services in Scotland, so let’s get started with a list of the best tradespeople in Scotland.

Glasgow Roofing Service

Roofing services in Glasgow, which ones are trustworthy and which ones are not worth our time?  At Glasgow Roofing Service you will be able to find trained professionals that will get urgent jobs completed for you in no time at all. Glasgow Roofing Service can send highly skilled roofers & builders straight to your home or work place, no messing around like other companies.

On their website they day that they “offer expert advice on all aspects of roofing, from regular maintenance to complete renovation. We’ve helped a plethora of customers from homeowners seeking guttering repairs in Glasgow to commercial shop owners needing complete roof repairs in Edinburgh”.

Services include:

  • New roofs
  • Roofing Contractor
  • Roof repairs
  • Pointing
  • Re Roofing
  • Insurance work
  • Free advice
  • Commercial Roofs

They also cover other a range of other areas in Scotland and the west coast, get in touch with Glasgow Roofing service to see if they cover your area.

glasgow roofing services

Rated People

Wherever you are in the UK and whatever you need doing around the house, Rated People allows you to connect you with the right trades-person.  You can find great prices using rated people as they site gives you the options of 3 tradespeople. They can then provide you with a quote, but on average you’ll get 1-2.  This is one of the best ways to find decent, hardworking tradespeople.

Heat Pumps Scotland

The demand in Eco friendly energy supplies in the UK has seen the need for new companies like Heat Pumps Scotland. This brand caters to commercial and domestic properties. If you are unfamiliar with what heat pumps are and what they can do, Heat Pumps Scotland are the best company to go to for advice.

As you may know there are two main types of heat pump, ground source and air source. This type of heat pump works by extracting heat from these natural sources. The heat pumps displace it into areas of a higher temperature than that of the source location, either in your domestic property or commercial building. Heat Pumps Scotland say that “heat pumps can be used to bring warmth to both your central heating system and hot water”.

Contact them directly for more information on their services.

Check A Trade

If you need a whole team for a refurbishment, then you may want to find tradespeople through a comparison website like Check a Trade. Websites like Check a Trade give members a feedback card with each and every job. On their website they have over 3.2 million reviews. The biggest benefit of using a website like Check a Trade is that it is a completely free service, and you can see the tradespeople’s contact information straight away.