A car roadshow like this may often need portable buildings and help from a labour agency.

Running a Travelling Roadshow

Are thinking about running a travelling roadshow to market your business? There are so many things to consider, but we’ve decided to highlight two of them today to help you make the most of the venture. Of course, you may have already used one, or both of these points,  but we think they are worth going over for anyone who might need that extra bit of information before planning the trip.

Finding a Labour Agency

When you are running the roadshow, you will find that you may have some core staff who travel with you, but you may also need to find the staff at each stop. This can be easily done by making use of a labour agency in each location. The labour agency can do the difficult part of sourcing and checking the individuals’ experience before they are referred to you. It will mean they can do a search for each location and find your staff at each step of the way.

If you don't use a labour agency, you may be left having to multitask.

Transporting Portable Buildings

If you are running a travelling roadshow, marketing your business up and down the country, then you may need to provide your own venue. This is particularly prevalent when you may need to take your roadshow to a festival or outdoor event. We suggested finding portable buildings which can be erected and taken down quickly at each pit stop along the way. Portable buildings are a great choice, as you can use in all weathers, you can modify the space to suit your own needs and they are often a more cost-effective choice than some other options.

Analysing the Costs

When you are finished with the planning of what you want and when you will need to look at the costs to see if this is worth your while. Portable buildings and help from a labour agency will come at a cost, and that is before you consider your own accommodation and travel from one location to another. Make sure that the way you have organised the roadshow keeps within your overall budget without scrimping on quality. There will be many effective ways to reduce costs if you look at your spending in closer detail.

If you are running a car roadshow, you may need to hire portable buildings to contain the cars.

Putting on a Show

With all of these things considered, you need to make sure that you are going to put on a great show. The staff from the labour agency need to be friendly, approachable and well-presented, and the portable buildings that you may use will need to fit in with their surroundings and look incredible. Otherwise, you are not marketing your business to the best of your abilities.

Take a look at other roadshows for inspiration, and feel free to drop us a message at Poe Internet Keypad if you have any questions.