Online estate agents in Scotland, The Estate Agency Company are changing the way Scots are moving. In the past we were tied to the demands of estate agents in Glasgow that are scheduled to work 9-5 Time, however, online estate agents in Scotland give us choices that are beyond our imagination.

If you are jumping into the home selling category, you should brush up on your knowledge before you go ahead with anything. Statistics show that the average UK home takes around three months to sell. Did you know that this timescale can be reduced thanks to online estate agents in Scotland like The Estate Agency Company?

Find out more about how you can sell your home online below.

The Estate Agency Company

We mentioned The Estate Agency Company in the paragraph above, so let’s get to know them. The Estate Agency Company are making moving more easily. In a nutshell, they can help you to sell your home online, there are no smoke and mirrors and with this company, what you see is what you get, making them your number one choice for estate agency companies in Glasgow.

When we asked The Estate Agency Company what their USP was they said that their  “expert team are based throughout the country, and we know your local area. We have built a strong reputation with our existing customers, thanks to our transparent, caring, client-centered approach, that sets us out as not only reputable but also friendly and welcoming”.

Fees charged by online estate agents are usually a set rate rather than being a percentage of the selling price, again this is something that many sellers prefer.

online estate agents in scotland

Online Estate Agents Scotland

The main advantages of working with online estate agents in Scotland is that there are no upfront costs and no tie-in contracts.

As online estate agents have fewer costs to hand out it means that they can charge their customers less. Due to their business model, it is likely that their fees are lower than those charged by high street agents.

Just like a traditional estate agency company in Glasgow, the first step towards selling your home is finding out how much it’s worth. Before you do anything this should be at the forefront of your plan. Companies like The Estate Agency Scotland can establish your property’s value. There are some differences, however, as online estate agents are based across Scotland they do not always organise and conduct viewings, this means that you may have to do this yourself.

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Free Home Valuations

Are you looking for a house valuation in Scotland? Get in contact with the Estate Agency Company as they will give you a free valuation of your property. This will help you to save on costs before you sell your home, this makes the whole process more profitable for you.

This may seem like a new way of doing things, but change can be a good thing! If you decide to go ahead with an online estate agent in Scotland they will then go on to discuss a marketing strategy, and explain our fees and terms of business.