Email marketing is an excellent digital marketing tool if you learn how to use it the right way. The purpose of setting up and spending precious business time on email marketing campaigns is to get replies.

In the past a clickbait  subject line was enough to capture the eye of your receiver but now is the time to deliver messages worthy of earning a response.

Your business must be unique, simply using an email template and asking politely for a reply will not cut it. Your brand must be at the heart of your email marketing campaign. You will need to show your customers that your business is authentic and sincere, then you will see the difference in response rate.

Since when was email a big deal?

Email can be extremely effective when it comes to conversions. Many businesses are drawn towards to instance of social media and they are throwing tonnes of cash at Facebook and Instagram.

Many marketers will agree that email is one of the most effective tools to conduct outreach and build lasting connections. The truth is, many professionals have lost hope in emails over the past few years because they are not using email systems to their full advantage.

What Does a Good Email Look Like?

Have a flick through your inbox and pick the email that grabs your attention instantly. This is an effective campaign in action. You will notice trends in successful email marketing trends, use this to inspire your own campaigns. A good email marketer will show the user that they value their time. The best way you can do this is to  identify their needs. The tips below will give you a good idea of what you should start with.

  • The subject line is still important, it should intrigue, make the user want to open the email
  • Start as you mean to go on, keep the opening brief and to the point
  • Offer the user information that will make their time worthwhile
  • Keep emails short and sweet as a whole
  • Great CTAs (Call To Action)

Do’s and Don’ts

This is a common mistake that many brands make. Avoid using the customers name if they do not know who you are, this will creep them out almost immediately. If the customer is a subscriber or a former customer, only then use the name in the first line.

If this is your first time approaching the customer, remember, they need know what you’re sharing is of value to them right now.

Think of it like a blog post, SEO always include keywords in the first few lines and sentences of blog post, do this with an email.


Would you trust a business that hired employees that do not care to check grammar and spelling. Make sure that you are paying attention to the little details, it will pay off, we assure you . No matter how great the pitch is, if you have misspelled a word in the email your customer may disregard it as spam.