digital marketing

SEO is a constantly evolving process, and Google is always tweaking the way it performs search functions.  Every now and then a major update comes along and leaves everyone scrambling to figure out what happened and where they should be concentrating their efforts.

More and more people are starting to look ahead in an attempt to pre-empt the changes that will be made in the future.  These changes can be estimated be looking back and seeing how Google has been making changes in the past and making a prediction based on that.

Here at Poe, we want to lay out what we think will be the main SEO trends in 2020 that companies and SEO agencies should be aware of.

First up is content.  Google is increasingly moving towards rewarding sites that publish content that is relevant and valuable to the users.  Up until now, most SEO agencies have just been worried about keywords in a post that Google sees and ranks the page accordingly.  Now Google is moving towards ranking pages based on their content and the overall quality of their website.  This means that the writing standard in posts on a website will have to be of a high calibre if the website has any chance of ranking at the top on page one.

The next trend for 2020 is the user interface and overall experience that users are presented with.  While this is more a technical aspect of the website design, experts in the field are saying that Google will be looking for certain markers in this area that show that website users are having a first class experience when they visit the site.

The last trend is one that has been going for a while, but it cannot be stressed enough.  Mobile friendly web design is increasingly important not only for users, but also for Google.  Google is going to look even deeper into a websites mobile responsiveness and use this information to rank websites.