Teeth whitening has become a huge trend over the last 5 or so years, as more people try to alter their appearance to improve how they feel, what are the important factors to know before undergoing teeth whitening Glasgow?

What Happens During Teeth Whitening at the Dentists

Teeth whitening is the process of the teeth getting bleached to reduce staining and reveal a more appealing shade of white.

Teeth whitening requires a number of visits over a period of a couple of months, this is to ensure noticeable and long-lasting results.

There are a couple of different opinions when it comes to teeth whitening;

Bleaching Gel – at home

This method involves the dentist taking an impression of your teeth to make a mouth guard, you will then be informed about how to use it with the bleaching gel that they provide you at home. At home, regularly apply the gel for the specified period of time for two to four weeks, the time and time period should be discussed with your dentist. Depending on the treatment, some gels can be left on for up to 8 hours, which will drastically shorten how long you have to undergo treatment for.

Laser Whitening – at the dentist

Another method of teeth whitening is laser whitening (aka powder whitening.) This involves the product used for bleaching to be painted onto your teeth and then the light/laser is shone onto them to activate the whitening powder. This takes around an hour.


Benefits of Teeth Whitening Glasgow

Whiter teeth

It’s in the name.

Improved confidence/ self-esteem

It’s no surprise that when you look better, you feel better. Teeth whitening will improve your confidence and self-esteem – especially if you’re particularly self-conscious about your teeth.

Look more youthful

As we get older our teeth naturally discolour due to more exposure to staining food and drinks this is why whiter teeth are associated with youth.

Improves oral health

People who have spent time and money on improving the look of their teeth are more likely to take better care of them.

Release natural endorphins

When we smile, our body naturally produces endorphins which make us feel good. Having whiter teeth will probably encourage you to smile more.


Teeth whitening is surgery free and can be done in as little as an hour – depending on what treatment you go for.


Teeth whitening is an affordable procedure that boasts almost immediate results.

Risks of DIY Teeth Whitening

It is recommended you get your teeth whitened by a qualified dentist rather than doing it yourself or getting it done at a salon, and here’s why;

May Remove Enamel from Surface of Tooth

Some at home teeth whitening kits are abrasive, so not only do they take the staining off your teeth, they can actually strip away the enamel, which could cause your teeth to weaken and become sensitive.

White Spotting on Teeth

Because bleaching trays are not custom made to fit your mouth in DIY teeth whitening kits you are at risk from your teeth spotting.

Upset Stomach

Some teeth whitening products use harsh chemicals and if swallowed can leave you with an upset stomach. Some people have even described a “burning sensation” after swallowing at home teeth whitening gels.